Rosnowo is locality in west Pomeranian province, lays on a Białogardzka plain, 20 kilometers southern -east from Koszalin. Geographic site: N 54°05' E 16°18' - between Rosnowo Lake and Hajka Lake. In late 80`s it was as popular as famous resorts like Mielno or Uniescie ;))

Rosnowo is virtually located in a center of woods, rich of berries, mushrooms and animals. Lake is full of various fishes, so it’s very popular among local community as well as abroad in terms of fishing and leisure. It is a city break top place for whole family, a great place, in order to bring tent or camping trailer even on lake shore. In disposal of tourists there are lots of agrotouristic farms and hospitable chambers. Variety of convenient stores provides range of refreshments, without running around .

There is easy access in both directions from Poznan or Koszalin. In Koszalin, next to the Polish State Railways station, you will find busses regularly circulating to Rosnowo, as well as Motor Transport Company is placed beside railway station and also its busses can take you to our town.
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The history of Rosnowo reaches the middle ages times. First written mentions are infos dated back to 1533 about settlement named Rossnow (from german languge). A settlement built mainly by local fishermans. From half of XIV century it belongs to von Glasenapp family related with Manowo. Owners were changing very often; from1870 to first days of Second World War members of von Hohenzollern owned the village. Rosnowo was a nobleman's property and a village of few roads outlying from communication routes. Village is located in a valley of river Radew, between the Rosnowo Lake and Hajka Lake. (Rosnowo Lake is a lake created on a river Radew with average width 500-600 m, bottom diversified, depth up to 8 m in old trough of river, with some water vegetation. Whole length of coast is easily accessible. A lot general range of white fishes,(carp), predators (turnpike, perch, catfish, eel), in overhead sections you can find trout .

In XVIII century, a small settlement Zacisze belonged to village Rosnowo. At that time there were 17 people living in a village in 20 houses among them water grinding mill, inn, and a smith. Inhabitants belonged to the parish church in Wyszewo. In XIX century the village was growing, school and 79 farms emerged. In 1892 they built steam distillery, and second grinding mill. Just before World War II it was joined with Koszalin by paved highway, which led behind the cross to the right and narrow railway line, station was placed in a “stop” sign area. In 1920 they started structure of water power station. It was and it is working during peak hours of energy usage. There were 393 inhabitants living in village Rosnowo in 1939.

Days before war they have piled up the trough of river Radew. In 1940 axes have been interrupted; flood was so extensive, that it has gotten to Białogard. After 1940 germans have rebuilt canal by hands of prisoners of war and water gate; dam was built in case of flood so when threat appears it is lowered to let the water flow quicker. In 1945 Soviet Army along with polish troops have freed up western pomerania including Rosnowo. There was no any economic activities at that time. Germans were returning to their places in panic before reached by Red Army on the other hand many polish workers of war staying in Germany were pulling on east. Numerous group has settled in Koszalin and Rosnowo other roamed on east further. The names of first familes are as follow: Adamowicz, Biedulski, Ilkiewicz, Szabanowicz, Frąckiewicz and Kłusek. In 1945 repatriates also arrived, who occupied farms, but they moved after certain time for city industry.

Several families in year 1947 from Rzeszow province arrived, among others, Jaroslaw Machnik, Fenia Sulipko, Maria Tarnkowska, Wlodzimierz Surowka, Roman Łyska, Jerzy Kimak, Anna Kimak, Tomasz Procanin, Włodzimierz Kucab and Maria Maślak. Social life spreads out along with development of economic life; Koszalin rebuilds a line of narrow railroad to Bobolice, a new school starts up, as well as power station, distillery and repository of tree. Rural economy spreads out, harvests grow, from 6-7q from ha to 14,2 from ha in year 1962, potatoes from 65q from ha in year 1945 to 165q from ha in 1962.

Rosnowo grows for rank of greatest locality in 1952 when military base number 5069 emerges here. Military airport was build nearby, and Rosnowo becomes colony of military families. New primary school emerges in 1962 year. Nursery school is effective, garrison club, stores WPH, cinema, sports field, library and café. It has been a sensational discovery in Rosnowo during the local roadworks in years between 1973 and 1974. They explored several tombs with an incinerated remains belonged to an ancient pomeranian population cemetery dated back to 400 bc or even 125bc. In 1965 a civil airport has been built and in 1975 Rosnowo was connected with highway rout Koszalin - Bobolice.

New blocks and stores emerge in the next years, among them new soccer club Rossa, on the other bank of lake they build holiday resort. Rosnowo becomes popular town, for a country tourism. Cultural life flourishes because of numerous performances and galas. Part of inhabitant is moved out, but other arrive to take their place. Rosnowo goes forward, until 2002 year. Then, military base has been sold off. Soldiers leave for other basis along with their families. Pensioners remain, annuitants and these who have found work.

It has remained on luck that most valuable fresh air, wood and fine lake everything that we need for rest from work - and din of the city. We INVITE CORDIALLY!